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Default Re: So who's gonna be comming off the becnh for Jose?

People are talking like the backup PG spot is of the utmost importance to our team's chances. Take a step back here. We move a redundant asset and got Jermaine O'Neal. That is a good thing. You'd rather have a hole at C but have a great backup PG? Let's focus here. Roko will be fine for his 10 mins a night. If not, we'll sign a vet PG for the min before the season starts or sometime during the year. It's not a big deal.

A MUCH bigger deal is our starting wings. If we go into the season with JO as our only move, I will be dissapointed, only because Rasho's deal and TJ could have been used to fetch two different assets, but we used both to get JO. I am only ok with that if we use some $$ to add a wing.
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