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Default Re: The Bulls will regret their decision if they draft Rose over Beasley

Logging on this morning I knew one philistine would do something like this. Pathetic.

Rose wasn't aggressive enough in that game, too tentative. He gave up the ball to his teamates far too easily, and the few times he did make an aggressive move, he constantly gave his defender fits and earn't himself some free throws virtually every time. I'm looking to him to take over games offensively.

Why the hell are we even comparing a PG and a SF/PF if thats what he's known as?

Rose will obviously have more turnovers as he'll have the ball in his hand a lot of the time. Distributors will usually turn it over more, thats a given, ANY half competent basketball fan should know that.

Give the kid time, it wasn't like it was a disaster, he looked much more assured in the 2nd half anyway.

Seriously, some of these idiots who bump up moronic threads...
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