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Originally Posted by HaNdLe ThE RoCk
[IMG]Starting pitching when healthy is basically equal[/IMG]
are you joking? did i just put my top 3 pitchers against your top 3 and your top 3 get smoked by the record? they double some of your pitchers sorry to say this but mets pitching is nothing near the yankees..

He's not basically better then jason giambi, giambi leads in HR'S and RBI'S and Doubles. He hits the ball better and is a better fielder then delgado, dont get over yourself man it's okay..

once again, take it to the stats, lo duca got in the allstar game in the NL, posada would be an allstar if in NL, not to mention 2 three run homers last night was impressive

Posada > Lo Duca, please dont compare

you are the biggest met homer in the world if you believe this..jeter being compared to reyes now? when jeter could win AL mvp? stop getting ahead of yourself homer.

now your making me laugh, look at the HR'S and RBI'S AROD is the better player, im sorry to tell you met homers but you will not win a world series

don't get it twisted, mets are good but will never compare to the yanks
callin me a met homer, look at the stats. Reyes leads the game in triples, sb, and runs. Most electrifying player in the game. Wright only has like 8 less HR, everything else is either the same or better, and his fielding is way better. Lo Duca is definetly everything Posada is. Just cause Lo Duca isn't a power hitter doesn't make him ineffective. Delgado and Giambi are basically the same, period. Don't tell me Delgado is a worse fielder, your dreaming...
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