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Default Re: 2008-09 Depth Chart, comments?

Depth wasn’t as good as last year, then again that wasn’t a smashing success either. That was a 500 squad, a one-and-done playoff team, and could only beat a D-League Miami Heat team without an injured Bosh.

Big difference next year. When CB4 goes out (as in rest), you possibly still have JO that could command double teams. And I can only assume that you’ll rarely see those two sitting on the bench together. Best-case scenario, that should cover for the loss of Rasho, Delfino and Jose as part of the reserve core.

Bargs, Adams and Kapono plus Bosh/JO could possibly be as good as last year’s reserves. If Bargs develops into a 6th man of the year candidate , then it could be a very good Raptor team.

Adams may also surprise people. I wouldn’t rely on Ukic, maybe Damon Stoudemire can sign for the vet minimum.

I know the “win-it-all” mentality is begging for that scoring wing, but I guess the bean-counters at MLSE don’t want to take the luxury tax hit.

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