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Shelden Will be a good player, nothing against him. Top 5 is too early, atleast trade down alittle and get atleast a good bench player if possible.
It's not a given he'll still be available.

I don't get what's wrong with taking the sure thing with a top 5 pick. So he doesn't have "superstar talent" like Bargnani or whatever supposedly do... so what? He'll almost certainly be a well above average big man, and most of the players in this lottery will not be that good ever. You're taking a lot of chances with nearly everyone in this draft, except Shelden. He's certain. How can he not be good? Atlanta has tons of "potential superstars" on their roster... and they need a tough ass big man, who they can be sure of. They don't need to roll the dice anymore. They need a center.
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