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Default Re: Raptors sign jawai to guaranteed 2 years

Originally Posted by bonez26
Except Glen Davis didn't play against big guys that play profeesional ball even by Australin standards. There weren't any decent 7fter's in the NCAA last year. He is laso bigger and has more length than Glen Davis. BTW I've been following him for the last year...when the first inital reports were coming out about this guy. I'm not a bandwaggon jumper like most people I do my reasearch. I expect this guy to be physical and bang people around when he's in the game and rebound...Eventually I think he'll also be a decent scorer. Yes his conditioning needs to be augmented ...but I'm sure the coaches will take care of that aspect. Hopefully we see him tonight in the SL game. I'm excited about this guy.

So Jawai is the one that played against better competition then Davis did at LSU?

Not to be a punk, but there were 6 players over 7 feet in the entire league that Jawai played in and Julius Hodge average over 9 bds per game.

A handful of names that have sniffed the NBA, so at least he was against some decent players even if some are older ie Anstey. I will be looking forward to watching him in SL too. Hopefully he throws down some nice jams as he seems to be know for in Australia.

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