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Default Re: seattle should say no to raiding an existing nba team!!

Originally Posted by Ballstar1982
I think those that throw the New Orleans Hornets into the discussion for a possible move are foolish. I believe that as long as they have Chris Paul then they will be a viable franchise. If you saw this past years playoffs, it is clear that they will continue to build support as that city recovers.

My opinion is this, i cannot see the former Seattle team lasting very long in OKC, not a major sports city if you ask me.

From what I heard, NO's attendance was still poor until after the all star break when it became apparent how good this team is.

The true mark of a team is how good their attendance is when the team is mediocre, or on the bubble, not when they're on the top of their game. Then all the fair weather fans come out.

Seattle had to deal with a noncontender for 10 years.

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