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Default Re: Big Ten fan thread

I have never really been a fan of the Big 10 and their style of play, but I have to say this is an especially weak year for this conference. However, if the past few years have taught us anything, it's that Wisconsin will always be one of the top teams, and in a year like this with no definitive favorite, Bo Ryan will probably lead them to another Big 10 title. They aren't the most talented team by far, and in fact I usually root against them, (I don't really know why, they just piss me off) but you cannot deny the man knows how to coach.

Asside from them, Michigan St. and Purdue, the Big 10 is pretty much garbage. Michagan could win a few big games when Harris goes off, and Illinois has the best chance at the conference's 4th tourney team if McCamey can step up as a big time point guard. They also have their two best shooters coming back from from ineligibility last year.

The other teams are all "rebuilding". Don't expect too much competition from the bottom feeders in this league.
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