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Default Re: Why the hell isn't Bargnani taking part in summerleague?

Originally Posted by bokes15
The thing is, practice is one thing, and game situations are another. You can work hard on drills, fitness, weight training, short scrimmages, etc.. all you want, all NBA players do that. It's not easy to take a whole summer off and then just come back and jump into things again, their NBA players so they get paid great money to work hard. I would've liked to see him in summer league to see him getting in some game action. It's only a week right? So there would be plenty of time to get back in the gym and train.

Normally I would agree more...but Bargnani isn't polishing center skills he has trained all his life on, he is learning the mechanics of an entirely new postion. Practicing half learned (at best) mechanics is going to be less beneficial than intensive training, in a ideal enviroment, that he will not have access to at an other time. The camp he is at is only on for a few weeks, to lose a whole week of that precious time would undo much of the potential benefit. Bargs will get lots of practice, in a much more structured enviroment, in the pre season.
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