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Default Re: Why the hell isn't Bargnani taking part in summerleague?

Originally Posted by RapsFan
So Wright will sit on the bench b/c he's over 6'7" but Randolph won't? Wright, Noah, Thorton, Amir, Stuckey....all good players that are playing. So should Bargs. There is plenty of time to work on drills and then implement them in a game situation. You don't think Noah is also practicing on the side?

lets see...randolph is the same player and he is out playing wright...i think wright is safe to be on the pine, and yes al harrington was another good player who was basically relegated to 3 point shooting in nellies offense...Noah shows some balls in the post and rebounds more than like 2-3 a game....stuckey isnt playing anymore..i cant believe u said Amir was good....wowwww is all i have to say good sir.
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