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Default Re: Why the hell isn't Bargnani taking part in summerleague?

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Italy won't even be in the Olympics though. That's not an issue.

If it is the whole "confidence" thing, sparing him if he happens to play poorly then that is really worrisome because Andrea Bargnani just might be the most mentally soft player in the league.

I really think Bargnani is gone at the trade deadline if the Raptors appear to be somewhat legit contenders. A team with no hope of contending trades away their good veteran SG (Mike Miller? Jason Richardson? even maybe Vince Carter?) for Bargnani's potential plus whatever filler is necessary (Kapono, Graham, Parker). Then the Raptors fill out the frontcourt with one of the solid veterans that is always available.
Damn ****ing straight. Bargnani has to be good for us coming off the bench (12ppg MINIMUM, with improved defense and rebounding) or he should be gone before the trade deadline in exchange for an actual NBA player.
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