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Default Re: Why the hell isn't Bargnani taking part in summerleague?

Originally Posted by BrownBaller
lets see...randolph is the same player and he is out playing wright...i think wright is safe to be on the pine, and yes al harrington was another good player who was basically relegated to 3 point shooting in nellies offense...Noah shows some balls in the post and rebounds more than like 2-3 a game....stuckey isnt playing anymore..i cant believe u said Amir was good....wowwww is all i have to say good sir.

Do you actually watch basketball? Noah got over 7 bds per as a starter in less then 30 mins as a rookie. Stuckey is way past Bargnani and he participated. Amir Johnson is one of the most sought after big man prospects in the league. Wright is getting like 14/6/2blks on 64% FG in the summer. You can't believe I said Amir Johnson....non Raptor fans probably couldn't believe I said Bargnani.

Bottom line, Bargnani needs a ton of work so if the Raps think he's best served working in the gym then fine. I would have liked to see him participate against some of the leagues other young players, but I think losing confidence if he got destroyed would be a worry.
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