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Default Where is the Moon Man???

I was just wondering why isn't Jamario Moon playing in the summer league. Sure he had a solid rookie season averaging 8ppg and 6 boards but rookies who have posted better numbers than him are still playing. Al Thornton and Jeff Green to name a couple.

Anyone know of J-Moon's offseason plans???

I think playing on the summer league team would not hurt at all. Being a leader to some rookies and some NBA hopefuls as well as being able to work on his game can only help. Plus I am sure they can use another scorer other than Joey Graham on the team haha....not that wins in the summer count.

I just hope he is playing somewhere or working out somewhere. I expect him to improve from last year. At the very LEAST 12 ppg and 6-7 boards if he starts. Very attainable if he drove to the hole more instead of playing "reggie miller".

The raps are out of money to sign significant players so they have to rely on internal development to better their team. So everyone on that roster must be doing everything they can to improve their games if they are serious about making a serious run during this mini O'neal era.
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