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Default Re: What kind of contract do you think Bargnani will get?

JO has two season's left.

If we end up having the #1 pick simply walk out the door at the end of his deal, that will go down as one of the worst picks in NBA history. He needs to be dealt at the earliest sign of positive play. He'll get a freakin' $8-$10 mill deal the way the NBA is going these days and do not be surprised if we're the idiots that give it to him. He'll still be a '7 footer who can shoot' matter how irrelevant that is because he sucks.

Even when JO is done in 2 years, Bargs is still a PF and we have Chris Bosh. He never fit with us and fits even less now. Idiotic pick then and still is now.

The raps have been destroyed with terrible recent drafting by our GMs.....Hoffa and Graham/Cvill and then Bargs. Yes Cvill played well his rookie year, but no team is winning anything with that guy getting significant minutes.
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