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Default Re: What kind of contract do you think Bargnani will get?

just wrote a whole bargs post, i guess in the wrong spot. but be patient. the kid had one bad year. we were all singing praise after his rookie season.

i do think bc has made a mistake with bargs because he wants it to work so badly for him here. the whole italian connection. trying to convert him to centre is a real mistake. I think he could become a very good forward in this league if he were on a team that had a post type of big man to complement him. he'll actually work well with jo but never work with bosh.

Lots of teams have tried to have two finesse big men who they built around and it usually doesn't work.

But BC still wants to try, otherwise he would have traded AB already. I am positive there are teams out there that would want to give him a try. He would fit with the clippers, the nuggets, philly, utah. Just think of a team with a traditional big he can complement. but a 7 footer with his skill set (not just shooting, but very good quickness) is still very valuable.

My hope is that BC will give it up and he is already planning to do it (recognizing his mistake) but he wants to set bargs up to perform well and improve his trade value first.
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