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Default Re: My trade machine:

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I wouldn't do it. Odom is a solid player but he isn't needed as much anymore now that the "Bargnani at C" is officially over. O'Neal/Bosh/Moon is a plenty good frontcourt IMO.

Some combination of Parker, Bargnani, Graham, future 1st rounder for an SG is what I'd prefer. I see no reason to trade Humphries either. He is a cheap, young and solid player coming off the bench.

yeah. i didn't really like the trade but it's the only way i could see getting the contracts to match short of giving up Bosh. Anyways, I wouldn't do it either but just imagine a starting lineup of:

Jermaine O'neal
Chris Bosh
Lamar Odom
Anthony Parker
Jose Calderon
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