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Default Re: Sonics will move to OKC for 2008-09 season. Sonics name stays with Seattle

Originally Posted by paulgruber
Granted: The post by, yours truly, the Grubes, had quite a few exclusive adjectives; but, there is no animosity or hatred.

isnt there awesome bbq in okc? thats what bobby flay said...

First of all, BBQ might be good, but it is not cool. So, still nothing cool about Oklahoma. NBA players take pleasure in the coolness of their surroundings, best believe it.

or be similiar to other one sport towns (san anton, sacramento)

San Antonio: population 1.2 million. OKC: Population 550,000 and it is the capitol of Oklahoma. Sacramento is the capitol of Cali.

there will be a few who buy durant jerseys

They will sell a few Durant jerseys, until Durant skips town.

if youre drafted in the nba and good enough to make the team, you will accept the paycheck

Their team will probably consist of mostly players that are just "good enough" to make a roster. They will get one big money maker, though. But will they be able to KEEP a big money maker?

time will tell-- he has spent a ton of money thusfar to get the team there

Bennett has spent a ton of money; yes he has. This begs my question. Is this good business?

RBP, Seattle is a pro town. Oklahoma is semi pro.

I am from Mississippi, a pro team should never move here.

ha-- youre preaching to the people in the pews 'bro!
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