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Default Re: delfino officially gone

Originally Posted by bluerap
AB is not terrible. He had an excellent rookie season and came out of the gates last season alright. For whatever reason (starting, playing Centre which he is obviously not designed for, sophmore jinx) he did not play very well for most of the season last year. But it was only one season. I feel confident he can bounce back playing a similar role as he did in year 1. It is a shame because he will probably never develop to be the best player in that year (and I still believe he was drafted by BC because he is Italian, also why kapono got such a big contract). But take a look at the rest of that draft. #2 was aldridge who is good but not spectacular and I think the ceiling for Bargs is higher and most would have agreed before last season. After that Morrison #3, Tyrus Thomas #4, Shelden Williams #5. That is a major bust in the top 5.
Of course brandon roy and rudy gay went 6 and 8. But noone wanted to take them in the top 5 and at the time no one thought either was deserving of 1st overall. When you have #1 you want to hit a home run and looking back Bargs was still the most intriguing player (not the safest but the most intriguing). Like chuck says, let's not throw this kid under the bus yet.

That isn't true at all, especially in the case of Gay. And two of those picks were by retarded franchises who screw it up every year in Atl and Charlotte.

Problem with Bargs is he's still best suited as a PF. We have a pretty darn good PF so he was never a good fit in TO. We had, and still have, a glaring hole at the 2 and 3.
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