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Default Re: delfino officially gone

Originally Posted by Good Old Willy

1) No source on a Thread Start post

2) Incorrect information given (it's 13.5 mill)

3) Had time to correct post but did not

4) Bad grammar, spelling, no pics!


Raps Fans - do not make threads like this poster. Did everything wrong.

- 100 Rep


1. The original post did not have a link because it came from
hoop shype website (you can't copy link - or at least I couldn't). It is a hyperlink and doesn't provide orginal address.
2. Their site said 30 million and I just passed on the info as it was breaking news.
3. While I didn't correct the original post, I have been involved in the ongoing dialogue where I have pointed out my sources.
4. That's just not true. My spelling and grammar are fine. And what pic do you want me to post. Delfino shaking hands with a russian czar. I haven't seen any.

Further Willy the only idiots in this forum are the ones that like to bash others IMHO.

Re: Rudy Gay: I do recall a number of posters in this forum who wanted the raps to select him. But you have to remember he did not have a great year in college and there were questions about his attitude. I'm not positive but I think he wasn't even starting for his college team at one point in the season. So there was good reason for his stock to drop. 7 teams (not just charlotte and atlanta) passed on him and the team that did draft him traded him right away (though that was a pretty bad idea). All I'm saying is that at the time Bargs did not look like a horrible pick. And NO ONE was saying so on this forum after his rookie season.

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