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Originally Posted by jailer
This team needed more then a good role player.Battier never showed up for the playoffs his numbers were horrible last year vs dallas.Him and miller were a disgrace.Battier was a bust for where he was drafted he never brought the franchise that much.Good role player great spokseman and good guy.That dosent win championships we needed to take a chance for the future hopefully gay is it and if not at least we tried.

i think mike miller should have been pushed out for gay. Memphis gonna miss battier's hustle on the court. he is a very good role player. More players in the league should be like him. By the way is it battier's fault he got drafted so high? No so why blame him for it? "He's a bust at where he got drafted" No the GM F-ed up by drafting him so high, and that's whre it stops. By the way who gonna hit that floor to get those loose balls for those four months Pau will be gone and there are no steady shooters?
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