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Default Re: Sonics will move to OKC for 2008-09 season. Sonics name stays with Seattle

Originally Posted by Good Old Willy
I wonder how new OKC fans will be welcomed on ISH? Hounded or helped?

ISH has some forums that are really undersupported, and I for one would hate to see some noob basketball fans get the mud that owner Clay Bennet deserves.

i will try not to hound okc fans-- they just want to see nba hoops so i can relate to that. but i wont cheer for the OKC raiders either-- on the contrary, i will cheer for their demise. it will be my way of personalizing the competition

i will address (but only when i feel like arguing as such) stupid remarks such as, "seattle fans didnt support the team, therefore its their fault they lost the sonics"

i will continue to take potshots at clay bennett, howard shultz, and david stern regarding the raiding of the sonics out of seattle

it is all part of my working through not having the sonics in seattle anymore-- forgive me if i offend anyone-- it MAY not have been my intent
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