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Originally Posted by knickscity
Now I done heard enough!!! You guys scored in the 100's 37 times. yeah,yeah,yeah. Top 5 rebounding and defense. yeah,,yeah, yeah. Noccioni,Gordon,Deng,Hinrich,Duhon 15-20 pts a night! Did they do this last year? If they did what's up with the 41-41 RECORD!!!!! By the way you guys had to put up a win streak like 8-2 of the last 10 just to make the playoffs! Ben wallace isn't gonna help you if you try to put number on the board. Detroit still will win 60+ games. Actually this is the best team you will see for the next five years! You gave damn near all ur cap space to a non-scoring slow dinosaur, who got out hustled bt a 38 year-old with one kidney. You could have gotten Zo for half that. 10% percent of that actually! You got too many people on this post that believe the Bulls will win 55-60 games, but all of yall are too scared to predict a championship?? Man up!!! Yall a joke!!!

the knicks what a joke, isaiah's lost his mind, you mention cap space new york is scewed, their team is a bunch of overpaid cry babies, i think maybe it's part of the new york state of mind, the f*ck you i'm the sh*t pay me state of mind
new yorkers think larry brown was the problem, he is one of the most respected coaches of all time, its your mind set in new york thats the problem
that would be sick if noccioni, gordon, deng, hinrich and duhon could get 15- 20 a night, we'll see if new york wins 15-20 games all season
it doesn't matter how much you score if you win games
last year you won 5 in november, 2 in december, 7 in january, 1 in february(nice), 4 in march, and 4 in april
good job at least you guys don't have anything to live up too

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