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Originally Posted by TMacsOneGoodEye
Ive only seen the Silva domination. I've been looking for the Barnett fight but can't find it yet. He's unreal. Best fighter in the world right now, he's just on another level and Fedor has been out for so long that I think he's number 2 right now. know, I know, but come on. Did you see what Cro Cop did to Silva? He's in the hospital right now.

TMOGE, did that just happen today?

I question your theory Silva killing Liddell. I think fighting in pride humbled him ( Liddell), and took back with him something that makes his game unstoppable, his takedown defense. I can't see Silva being as good of a striker, and Liddell is on point right now. I do think Cro Cop and liddell would be an insane blood bath.
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