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Default Oklahoma Thunder?

Huge bulls fan here from Chicagoland..... I read somewhere that Thunder is the nickname for your new team. If that is true, I will make one prediction. ACDC's "Thunderstruck" will be played at the player intros! That would be the baddest intro in all of sports! I'm not even a rock fan...but Thunderstruck is sweet song. Can you's the fourth quarter, the "Thunder" need a basket...and the entire crowd is screaming they do at the 36 second mark of this clip....

That's bad ass...doesn't get better than that!! I'll get NBA league pass just to watch that intro! LOL The sound would give chills to the players! Imagine being the visiting team and you hear 20,000 plus screaming..THUNDER!! Good luck to you guys this year...nice young pieces you guys are putting together!!
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