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Originally Posted by HaNdLe ThE RoCk
nope shockeys playing tonight, he took the practice off on friday

shockey > dallas clark.. im sorry but its true, shockey is a pro bowler

D Line? Sure you got Freeney but

Osi > Mathis

Strahan > Mathis

Our D-Line > Colts

William Joseph and Fred Robbins are not only huge but quick and are great stopping the run you dont have a better d-line dude, strahan is gettin really old and wont cut it like he used to, and trust me, dont expect osi to put up the same numbers as last year. Joseph is over-rated, plain and simple colts will let less rushing yards per game than the giants

And by the way mathis is better than strahan... he recorded the same number of sacks last season but in 3 less games so basically its like this...

3-1 in favor of the colts...

Also, i know osi had more sacks and tackles then freeney... but before that osi was just an average player, he had a break out season, trust me... Wont happen again

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