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Originally Posted by wang4three
I understand Agassi's opinion is worth 100 times more than mine, but at the same time, I cannot ignore what I've seen from both players. I think Federer has a higher ceiling than Sampras in terms of talent, but will never get there cause he seems to like to coast through games. Much like T-Mac (I hate using cross sports analogies), who has a seemingly unlimited potential, but is content with coasting. Sampras on the other hand played with more passion and perfection in his game.

Also take into consideration that Agassi was a lot better when he played Sampras than Federer. back in the days where Agassi was able to hold his own against anyone, where as he was on his decline against a fast rising player like Federer.

fair enough, agree to disagree.
i agree that federer does coast at times, but the thing that impresses me most about him is that when he decides enough is enough, he absolutely crushes his opponent. he can lose a set 6-4, then take the next set 6-0. just ridiculous. when he's at his best, he is certainly the best player i've ever seen play.
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