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Default Re: Is our guard situation a problem?

Originally Posted by RapsFan
Very very true. Parker is slowing down fast.

Did we improve our front court enough to make up for the hit we will take in the back court? That will be key....or did we just shift the weakness to another area. You need a creator, especially at the end of close games. That almost always goes to guards and not to a post player.

I think in shot clock situations, and at the end of close games, jose stepped up big in many occassions (the game we beat boston for example)...

he has the ability to beat opponent pg's one on one.. and manages to dish to other players when help comes in the paint

anyways, yes we did just shift the weakness to another area.. but lacking great guard plays can be compensated by a good frontcourt for sure... I would take a the combo of good frontcourt poor backcourt OVER poor frontcourt good backcourt any day, or else we'll just be the a former sixers (with allen iverson), or new york knicks, or a yao-less rocket, or a gasol-less lakers... these teams have great backcourt by lacks frontcourt...
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