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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Is our guard situation a problem?

Originally Posted by bokes15
Again proving you're an idiot. You know how to copy and paste a definition but you don't know anything about application of the word. Get back to me when you pass 5th grade. Until then, i'm done with you.

LOL, im pretty sure the application is right, but if u still dont get it its ok, i sympathize

..and i skipped grade 5 (so dont diss when ur wrong or dont know the proper info)

BUT i will agree with ur assessment about laker without shaq, or boston without KG, my only problem is that what if u take the bulls in the 90s, with pippen and jordan, like i know they had horace grant (for some time) and rodman, but i think with those two alone and sub in lesser talents inside, they still could have won some championships because they had been beating teams with better inside games (a la Ewing, and Alonzo in their primes)
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