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Default Re: Is our guard situation a problem?

Originally Posted by bokes15
You're dodging my question. Would you give those same teams with SICK guard play the same chances to win a championship with a lesser front court?

edit: I see you've answered it somewhat.. But let me go back to my Celtics example..

Kobe/Fisher/Farmar/Vujacic >>> Posey/R.Allen/House/Cassell/T.Allen IMO.. Yes Ray Allen is an All-star and had a great series but for the most part his role was as a spot up shooter (which is what AP does for us). House is not a ball handler and was pretty much a catch and shoot guy as well. Cassell and Tony Allen were good in spurts but nothing consistent either. James Posey was a very good role player, a good defender and a great spot up shooter, but not a creator like you've been saying we need.

I think that the true difference maker was KG on Gasol/Odom and whatever other bigs they threw at him. No he wasn't the main guy down the stretch but he was a driving force on that championship team.
I think that you need a balance between perimeter and interior play in order to go deep into the playoffs.

That means perimeter scoring, perimeter defense, interior scoring, interior defense. Perimeter scoring should be good for us, Calderon, Parker, Kapono (and hopefully Ukic!!!) are all snipers, and Moon and apparently Adams are good dunkers, Calderon should be able to set them up. Also, I know he seems like a hopeless case, but maybe, just maybe, Joey Graham's strong play in summer league is an indicator that he has finally woken up and realized that he's kind of a beast.

The frontcourt is obviously very strong, Bosh and JO should be able to score around 40 points between them almost every night, and they should rebound reasonably well. As for defense, both of them are capable, Bosh handles quicker bigs, JO handles stronger bigs, and both should be able to block a decent number of shots. Hump should be able to come in and rebound as usual, and Bargs hopefully will improve and be more consistent now that there won't be quite as much pressure on him. And then there's Nathan Jawai. It will be very interesting to see what this monstrosity can do, I'm not expecting much at this point. And Joey can certainly slide up to the PF spot on occasion.

The main problem the Raptors are going to have this season is perimeter defense, they will get absolutely chewed by star guards and small forwards. Like, if we face the Cavs in the first round? Lebron CHEWS us. Face the Wizards? Arenas chews us! The Celtics? Pierce will chew us. Philly? Actually I'm not overly worried about the Andres, I'm far more worried about Mr. Brand, but I figure Jo or Bosh should be able to keep him in check.... but still Iggy might chew us good! ATL? JJ, Bibby and (hopefully no longer) Josh Smith? Ugh. Detroit? Rip and Chauncey. Milwaukee? Redd and RJ. Da Bulls? Deng, Gordon, Rose. Hopefully AP and Moon can hold it down somewhat, and Calderon can make up for his defensive deficiencies.
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