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Oh bigboi, I hope you don't have to deal with alot of hate. And if you do, it is eventually going to make you a stronger person than most. Just make sure you know that not all Americans are ignorant, and sling generalized hate towards specific races, religion etc. I wish you all the best buddy. I too have to defend my muslims friends. Muslims as a whole are some of the most peacful people on the planet. It is just extremists f uck up the general opinion of them, because of the terrifying and cowardly deeds they execute. And it doesn't help that the general American population goes along with the stereotype hating.

from personal experience, the educated people know the difference. those who are not tend to stereotype you into the "terrorist" category which is understandable. i dont let it bother me. blacks, chinese, jews, all went through the same deal...i guess now its our turn to be initiated into american society.
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