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Originally Posted by stoopidraptor
Yup! just saw Bosh on NBATV...was there for about an hour...with Bill Walton and some reporter from Washington, along with Andre Aldridge or
David Aldrige, whatever his name is... Bill tried sneaking in I want is Chris Bosh's autograph... and Aldridge goes...well he is from Dallas, but he doesn't play for the Mavs...but then Bill goes...well, he ain't going to be playing in Dallas anytime soon...he's got plans in Toronto...and then Aldrige jumps in...and changes the subject...Walton even asked Bosh what he thought about the Jermaine O'Neil Rumor...and before he could say anthing...Aldridge jumped in and said that NBATV didn't want Bosh getting into any trouble...and changed the subject again...but it was cool watching about Dallas...he thinks the Heat will win game 2...

Honestly you remind me of my ex-girlfriend when it comes to talking......You sounded like this.

"Well we like went to the store, and like, I saw this girl i didn't like, and like she was so like, like, like, rediculous and then she was like OMG, I hate you and then like, OMG, I like, just left."

Nothing against you or n e thing buddy, just sounded funny in my opinion.
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