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Don't be so sure about that. Kaman is one of the better run-in-gun players in the league. I guess what I ment to say is that the Clippers CAN play run-in-gun basketball. Elton Brand is great at running the floor too. That's what makes the Clippers so dangerous. They can play at any tempo. Tim Thomas is here to replace Vladimer Radmanovic and you and I both know that Tim Thomas is a better asset than Vlad. He may nt be as good a shooter as rad is, but Thomis is still a respectful shooter. He will still have the floor spread like Rad did, Thomas is also more skilled than Radmanovic. It's not like the Clippers lost anything. They gained someone that is just as good, probably better of a player than Radmanovic is. But we will tell when the season starts. If Thomas goes back to the player he was in New York and Chicago, the Clippers are so deep that it won't hurt them. The Clippers are probably one of the most complete teams in the league as far as defense, shooting, inside scoring, slashing, rebounding, etc. The Clippers can do it all. The Clippers played the run-in-gun game with Phoenix, the one team that's dangerous when it comes to the run-in-gun game. They took them to game 7 and were one Raja Bell brick away from being in the WCF. And this upcoming season, I expect nothing less than the Clippers going to the WCF. And I think that it will be the Clippers and Suns in the WCF this season. I see an exciting rivalry forming. I'm still bitter from the series loss to the Suns. They will be a rivalry for the ages. Trust me on that. 10 years from now, people will remember every Clipper/Suns matchup as an intense, heated matchup that will be exciting to watch. I actually believe the Clippers and Suns are better than the Spurs and Mavericks. Maybe I'm the only one who believes that. But I don't care, the Clippers and Suns are the 2 best teams in the west and they will prove it this upcoming season. The Spurs are on their way down in my opinion. I think they will win 50-55 games while the Suns and Clippers win around 60 games. The Mavs, though, they will be tough. But I still think the Suns and Clippers will be on top of them. I'm glad I renewed my subscription to NBA League pass because I live in New Mexico and I'm gunna watch the Clippers extra closely. I can't wait for the season opener to start. It will be off the wall.
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