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Originally Posted by Californiafan
You realize if the team keeps up this player acquisition of players with color names Brown and Greene, the next player in line should be Michael Redd.

players with "color" names? do you mean names that will attract attention by the shear value of their name or are you saying literally "color" names? brown and greene aren't exactly the most exciting names in the league so if you are thinking they are "color" names, you are sadly mistaken and probably haven't seen a whole lot of kings basketball.

basically, kings basketball is in a serious adjustment period and to sign people just to sign them would be retarded. trust me, the signings thus far have not been for a vote of popularity by the kings - it has been strictly for the benefit of the team as a whole for future seasons to come. "bobby brown" doesn't exactly strike a sense of excitement into me

listen, the kings aren't looking to trade brad miller just to say we traded brad miller for someone else we won't use.

how do you justify brown and greene as the same class as even a used up michael redd? that's like me saying that because the cavs happened to re-sign gibson, they basically resigned a second lebron type shooter...

i'm not sure what you meant by that comment but it sounded like you don't really understand either basketball in general or anyone young who could potentially add anything to a team...either way, maybe don't post anything until you have something intelligent to say instead of comparing bobby brown and donte greene to michael redd...

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