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Originally Posted by PhxFanAtBirth
See now you i respect you dont bash the suns just because of the loss you had to us i appreciate that. And yes the suns are better than san antonio and clippers may be (San antonio is getting ooollllddd duncan will be out soon and ginobli is getting up there. im sure people say the same thing about nash but with a proper backup he'll be a great asset.) My only worry for you is that sammy is getting old he may start to decline soon elton brand will be good all i can say is start reeling in some rookies. (Tim isn't as great as you think he is.)

Yeah. It would be nice if Cassell was 5 years younger, but that just means it will be a huge year for Livingston. This year will make or break whether Livingston will be a star or a bust. I have faith in him. Livingston will have a great season. He should be the starting point guard for the Clippers before the all-star break. I think Tim Duncan has 2 more superstar years left in him and then he'll really have to rely on Parker and Ginobili. Fortunately for the Spurs, they have a world class organization. I know in a year or 2, they will do something big. But for now, atleast Parker's young. Steve Nash is in his early 30s so he should continue to be the great player he is until his contract expires. I think Brand and Dirk are the 2 top PFs in the league. Duncan is still a superstar but he declined big time this past season and Kevin Garnett should be the number 4 best PF until he's a winner. I'm not expecting greatness from Tim Thomas. But I am expecting an improvement over Radmanovic.
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