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The 76ers will never be under the Cap. They want to definitely get under the luxery tax threshold, but they won't get under the salary cap. You have to remember that King's so-called credibility is on the line here,,,right now. He won't, or can't wait three more years and HOPE that in 2009 that someone could then be signed.

Webber could be moved, but it would have to be for another teams player who they themselves have run out of patiants on.

Say a Chris Webber to Portland for say Theo & Zach Randolph, and the 30th pick in the draft.

Why would Portland do it ? Well the main reason is getting rid of Randolph who seems to constantly get into trouble, or put himself into High risk situations. Theo's deal ends the same time Webber's does, so no real advantage there, but in Chris, at least he will play more consistently as it goes to Injuries cause Theo seems to always get injured. The only reason Philly might do it is that when Theo is healthy, he can play some C and add some blocked shots. And maybe, just maybe Randolph will get his act together under Ivy, and a coach he has been under before. We also add a depth player at 30 in round 1 to go along with pick 13.

There, hows that scenario ?
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