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Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
Yet it was 37 fights into his career before anyone exposed Tyson. Ali was exposed as vulnerable before his 20th fight, so vulnerable that Liston jumped on the opportunity to beat up his loud mouth.

Good, point, I'm glad you brought that up. I'm also glad you brought up the fact of a respect factor. Lot's of people always buy into the legend before the knowledge. I'm not saying nobody knows boxing who's responded to this post, but I have alot of boxing enthusiast buddies who are big time followers of the heavywieght division and say Tyson hands down. Remeber, Tyson's forte was beating bigger, faster heavyweights. He also wouldn't come out swinging like Foreman did. Tyson had patience in the early rounds and waited for the right oppurtunity to strike.
I ain't saying Tyson hands down, but people are giving Ali too much credit over Tyson ( Please don't misread this statement, i give Ali all the credit in the world). If your a true boxing fan, you'd know the Buster loss was a joke and if Tyson's career wasn't spent most of his prime in jail, he could very well be the most dominant heavyweight of all time.

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