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Originally Posted by LakersDynasty
Ronaldo, Raul, Robinho, Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Van Nistelroy, Cannavaro, Yup, Real Madrid is taking it all this year.
Ronaldo: old fat ass, won't play much under Capello, may get traded before season's end
Raul: broken down player, can't believe people still consider him a star
Robinho: flashy useless player
Beckham: can have a good season with Van Nistelroy on the team
Roberto Carlos: if you've always been known by your athleticism and you're 33... you're doomed
Van Nistelroy: will have a great season, around 25 goals or so
Cannavaro: great player
Yup, they won't win anything this year, the King's cup maybe, but that's all
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