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Default Re: Do we have $ 10Million in Players/Contracts/Exceptions....

Well, we aren't getting Ben Gordon. But I find it funny that we label a guy like that so quickly without knowing much about him. Because he's a very good scorer....he's automatically like Jamal Crawford!? I don't get it. Last year everyone was bad on the Bulls. The year before, Ben shot over 45%. He wants to start, like all NBA players, but came off the bench when asked. He's over 41% from the 3 for his career. Very strong and fast. Was at the top of his team in pts per shot...which is a measure of efficiency.

If we could get Gordon for like Bargs and Graham, I would do it in a nano second. Might work too as the Bulls need a low post scorer.....which I guess in theory may be Bargnani.
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