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Originally Posted by BigTicket
Going to need you guys to help me out here, because as a Non-American watching this continuing debacle unfold I just don't get it, is there nothing you can do as a president in the US to get fired ?

War Crimes - yes
Torture - yes
Lying to the citizens repeatedly - yes
Breaking the law - yes
Complete incompetence - yes
No progress 5 years after 9/11 - yes
Secret prisons - yes

And the list goes on and on, and yet somehow you guys till keep him in office, why ?
At first it was just kinda funny really, looking at the guy you somehow elected president even if he didn't get the most votes, a guy who validated every anti-american prejudice you could possible have. But the joke stopped being funny 5 years ago, as the rest of us have to suffer the consequences of his actions as well but are unable to do anything about it.

At this point any claim you might once have had to being the land of liberty and justice is gone, along with any claim of moral superiority, and yet you continue to let him drag you down with him.

War Crimes - no (like what?)
Torture - yes (his fault why? Impeachable how?)Lying to the citizens repeatedly - No. Being wrong is not the same as lying. Besides, if every lying politician was impeached, we'd have no government.)
Breaking the law - no (what does that even mean?)Complete incompetence - no (I don't see any 'gross incompetence'. Just mistakes made.No progress 5 years after 9/11 - no. (Seriously, what the **** does this even mean? No progress in breaking up terrorist cells, no progress in diplomacy, no progress in fighting the terror war? No progress in new security measures? Because progress has been made. Whether or not you feel its enough is debatable. To say none has been made reveals that you are a partisan hack.)
Secret prisons - yes (and?)
And the list goes on and on, and yet somehow he is still in office, why ?
Because he is the president of the United States.
I mean, how anyone who makes under 200k per year could endorse Bush is well beyond me. I could be here all day talking about how much of an embarassment, failure and malevolent force he's been, but I'll just point to this simple quote of his.
This is such a ridiculous ****ing stereotype. It pisses me off to no end. I am not wealthy. My family is not wealthy. 50 million or so citizens voted for Bush in 2004. They are not all wealthy. Get over it.(Talking to a room full of wealthy, white people). "I guess you could say this is my base"
[color=red]Oh no. The president made a joke. Let's all scream until we are red in the face. Again, like so much you post, I am forced to ask "whats your point?"
Now, some may dismiss that as harmless joking. I don't. How are you going to be the President of ALL AMERICANS, rich poor and otherwise and even jokingly say the wealthy are your "base". He made it perfectly clear who he goes to bat for, and where his loyalties lie. Bull****. He made a ****ing joke. Thats it.

His wiretaps and other policies were ruled unconstitutional.
Excellent. The system of checks and balances is still doing their job. They felt that Bush oversteps his bounds. So much for the conspiracy theory that Bush controls the courts.

He admitted to running secret CIA prisons.And?

There is evidence of torture taking place against terror suspects.And?

And the list goes on.

Oh, and apparently it's illegal to lie about having sex with your secretary but not illegal to lie about facts to start a war.....Is this being copied off some blog? I hear this every week at Kent. Clinton was impeached for lying before a federal grand jury.
Today if anyone voices an opinion that differs from the US government's they are labeled as a quack or a subversive.The only reason you are labelled as a quack is because you are one. This is an extreme exaggeration. The simple fact is that some of the people opposing the war are doing so for the wrong reasons, and thats a problem. Under Homeland Security anyone can be locked up indefinitely without a trial or even a lawyer. The phone companies, Internet Service Providers and search engines (other than Google) give confidential personal information to the Government about your phone calls, emails, Internet searches and even which web sites you visit. What ever happened to the constitutional rights of privacy, free speech or being considered innocent until proven guilty?What right have I been denied, again? People keep saying this, but I don't see how.
In our economy the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer and the middle class is disappearing entirely. Oil prices have skyrocketed, many jobs have been outsourced to countries where foreign workers do what Americans have done for pennies on the dollar. In the US, more people than ever can't afford health care or live in poverty. The middle class isn't exactly disappearing. Oil prices sky rocket due to simple economics. Supply and demand. You see, more people want oil, but current supply is running out. Outsourcing amounts to only a small percentage of lost jobs. And the amount of people in this country who can't afford healthcare is not at an all time high. Its not even at a half century high.Stem cell research that could cure and prevent major illnesses and disabilities is opposed by the government for religious reasons. What happened to the separation of Church and government that our founding fathers built into the US Constitution? This is ignorance to to oversimplification of an issue that has complex moral and ethical grounds, as well as religious and scientific. I've lamented over the stem cell issue. I feel it should be funded. But I also recognize it as being more than you would admit.
You think that all these things are just a coincidence? You think we are still truly free?Yes.
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