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You just don't get it do you ? How can you possible be ok with secret prisons, torture and no legal rights for people just because the US decided they were terrorist based on little to nothing ? Ever heard of the german citizen that happened to ? He was kidnapped from his home and taken to Afghanistan where he was tortured. before the CIA decided they had the wrong guy and dropped him of in eastern europe with nothing, all because he shared a name with a terror suspect.
As for war crimes there has been more than a few examples of bombings of purely civilian targets, and murders commited by US soldiers.

The no progress 5 years after 9/11 was directed at ground zero, a bit unclear perhaps.

And the laws broken referred to things like the wiretaps.

I guess that's all ok though as long as nothing happens to you, why would you care about the rights of others being mistreated right ? As long as your own little universe remains intact I guess it's all ok. With views like that it's no wonder the much of the world hates the US, the kill count between you and the muslim world is something like 100:1 in your favor yet you act like the victims, and seem to think you have the right to do whatever you want to protect yourselves.

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