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Originally Posted by Hawker
We just had a discussion about trying to spread democracy and invade countries where they do not have democracy. What do u guys think?

Because apparently if Iran starts getting nukes then we are giong to invade them. I can completely understand them getting nukes since the USA, a major threat, is invading a country beside them. If iran was taking over Mexico wouldnt u want to build nukes? I would. And plus if we invade them before they invade us then i guess we should invade North Korea right? And if we let lebanon keep invading israel or bombing israel then i guess we should help them too right?

What do u guys think about this? Because ur crazy if u dont think we will have to draft if we invade Iran. Luckily i have dual citizenship in the USA and the UK so i could move there.

Seriously a draft? Wow, time to buy a few houses because theres gonna be millions of americans moving to Canada.
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