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Bush is the best president we ever had... I'm being sarcastic. We need to check ourselves. Why the hell are we even fighting a war in Iraq. Because of Bush's stupid dicision to start the war, it's not like he can now say "okay, this war sucks, bring everyone back". He fcked up by starting the war and because of that, our troops and innocent citizens of Iraq are getting killed. For what reason? I don't know what the reason is anymore. I thought it was to get the WMDs. But then I hear about other things so we're pretty much in a war about something we hardly are even sure about. Why did we capture Sadam? Shouldn't it be Bin Laden that we're after. If we got Sadam so easily, what's taking so long capturing Bin Laden. He's the one behind 9/11. I honestly believe Bush is full of sh!t. how could it take us this long to find Bin Laden's "Hiding spot".
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