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Originally Posted by Cavs Fan
You can't promote freedom being handicapped by trying to give respect to the enemy where there is none shown to you. Europe tried that with Hitler initially with disastrous results. I am not saying that the US resort to all Islamo fascist tactics, but they were armed and were not a violation of any rule of battle.

And it's better to kill them there than to try and pick them out trying to shield themselves with civilians

Ever thought that the reason they are among civilians might be because that's what many of them were before you invaded their country ? It's not like they have any safe left bases to go too, where else would they be other than in towns and villages ?

And frankly the WWII reference is silly, not only is it wrong it also has nothing to do with the current situations.

What people like you don't seem to get is that you can't end terrorism by killing all the terrorists, that just breeds yet more hatred among those relatives and friends they left behind, you end terrorism by removing the reasons for commiting that terrorism.
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