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Originally Posted by Cavs Fan
Well you sound like you know more about the subject than I do but it does beg the question on why so many muslims immigrated to France and why they were allowed into the country in the first place if France was anti-Islam. And not being able to wear a veil hardly seems like something to provoke anarchy or terrorism. I mean if they want to express their faith can't they just go to a private school like here in the states?
France used to have an attitude that was secular, but now they have laws; hence the new found anger.
They are not exclusively, anti-islamic. From what I understand, they also wont allow jews to wear the star of david or christian kids to wear crosses.

Im not really and expert, I just liston to the news and try to read stuff. I would love to hear from someone french or someone who knows more about the situation

Originally Posted by Cavs Fan
I know a lot of Muslims say what the terrorists are doing, and violence in general, is not Islamic but I disagree that what radical muslims are doing is not done in the name of Islam(their interpretation). Frankly I think if they(radicals/terrorists) say that all non-Islamics must convert or die, that we should take them at their word and not let other people interpret or make excuses for them.
Their interpetation is basically cutting out what they do not want to here and exaggerating what they want to here.
Your point makes some sense to be, but you have to admit my point about the innocent deaths causing more harm than the good the terrorist deaths are providing, if any good can come from killing a person who is planning on dying anyways.

Im interested about what you think about the whole having no enemy deal.
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