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Originally Posted by Cavs Fan
Oh. By finishing it I didn't really mean killing off every single Taliban. More like robbing them of their power base and ability to help people who would like to harm us. To date I would say that the goal in Afghanistan has gone pretty good. It won't be "finished" until we can get the hell out, the current Afghan administration gains a foothold and keeps any noticeable numbers of Taliban and terrorists at bay.
There are still a lot of terrorists in the Afghani/Pakistani border area. Especially in the mountains area. The US took them out of government, not out of power; consequently, they are still just a big of a threat to us as before.

And just to clarify, the Taliban are a political party. They aren't all crazy violent people. As a party they supported AL quiada--the real terror organization. Ossama is the leader of alquiada not the taliban. The US isn't realy going after ossam 100%; therefore, they are tageting the people in power not the source of terror. It seems like the administration is more interested in power, than terrorism.
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