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i think the pistons will be just a bit under both chicago and miami. they seem to have more depth. how they all compare...

bigs for detroit - sheed/n.mohammed/a.mcdyess/d.davis/j.maxiell/e.campbell?

miami - shaq/zo/u.haslem/a.walker/m.doleac/w.simeon

chicago - ben/p.brown/m.sweetney/t.thomas/m.allen

to me it seems that most teams are close...i'd have to give it to miami just cuz the have shaq and the best bench bigs of the group in zo and walker

2s n 3s for detroit - rip/prince/r.murry/c.delfino/a.johnson

miami - wade/j.posey/d.wright/s.anderson

chicago - a.nocioni/l.deng/b.gordan/t.whosurmama?/a.griffin

chicago definately is the best..detroit has the best starting pair, miami has the best player, and chicago has the most depth..

point guards for detroit - billups/l.hunter ???neone else???

miami - j.williams/g.payton

chicago - k.hinrich/c.duhon

detroit has the edge here..billups are both great defenders and shooters.. miami's pair is both inconsistant and getting older. chicago is close just because both hinrich and duhon have game...

overall...i would have to say miami is still the better team, but chicago is now a close second, and the pistons are third, but have great upset potential...


53-29 (second in the central)
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