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Default Re: Trade Ideas for OKC

Originally Posted by Buffalobraves
My First Idea:

To New York Knicks:

Chris Wilcox
Salary: $6,750,000 Years Remaining: 1

Luke Ridnour
Salary: $6,500,000 Years Remaining: 2

Johan Petro
Salary: $1,939,893 Years Remaining: 1

To Oklahoma City ________:

Zach Randolph
Salary: $14,666,667 Years Remaining: 3

I think both teams will profit. OKC wants to get rid of Wilcox and only needs Watson or Rindour, not both. Sene just makes the salary cap work and is a decent addition. OKC gets a solid PF with D.J. White as a back up.

OKC Line up:

Collison/Swift/Petro [In a few years Serge Ibaka will come into this line-up and improve its already great athleticism]

Only problem is, I don't see how OKC would willingly take Randolph. Their goal is to rebuild now(for the future), by bringing Randolph, if would seem as if they want to win NOW. Zach's not the type of player I see being the OKC in the long term.
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