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Default Re: Why didn't Duncan win gold in 2004?

Originally Posted by dd24
Did Anthony really play in 04. Remember Larry Brown benched him because he was a rookie. How much did Lebron play? Not much. That team also had guys like Iverson, Marbury, Marion, etc. You know as well as the rest of us it was a scrub team with a coach who didn't play guys just because of his own ego. Duncan had a crap team around him. That's why he lost. It's pretty simple. Again, he was pretty much the only big man.

Is this years team better. Of course, we all agree on this. Do they have weaknesses? Yes, we've all agreed on that. We know they didn't send enough big men. You know if they lose it will be because of their lack of size. It's not an excuse, it's a legitimate reason. Get over your US hating. If it wasn't for the USA you wouldn't even have a basketball team to argue about.

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James: "No Excuses"
I think that pretty much sums it up. In addition:
We all complain on our teams, that I want to play with this player or that one. Well, here weve got them all. This is how its supposed to be. We dont have any excuses. - Kobe Bryant
In 2004, USA did have a bad coach, terrible, in my opinion. He did win the NBA championship that year though, so he did know some things that he was doing, obviously. Other teams were stronger in 2004. Losing to Puerto Rico should be embarrasing to a low level USA team, which would consist players at the level of, say Brendan Haywood, or Bonzi Wells, or any players that aren't a top 5 option. And this USA team was decent, compared to most other Olympic teams, this is who they had:
Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Carlos Boozer, Carmelo Anthony, Stephon Marbury, Richard Jefferson, Lamar Odom, Emeka Okafor. Duncan, an NBA champion and MVP and Finals MVP multiple times. AI, great player, and he wasn't that selfish on team USA. LeBron and Wade, they were young, but already good. Amare, a beast. Marion, Amare's teammate, a showman, but very athletic. Boozer, on the team again, a big man. Carmelo, sucked back then. Steph, garbage. Jefferson, good only for the NBA. Odom, nothing special. Okafor, waste of space. Let's count the big men, Duncan, Amare, Boozer, and Okafor are true big men, and Odom and Marion usually play at 4, so half the team were big men. This year is a bit less, 3 true big men, plus LeBron and Carmelo are playing at the 4 a lot.
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