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Default Re: Trade Ideas for OKC

Originally Posted by Buffalobraves
My First Idea:

To New York Knicks:

Chris Wilcox
Salary: $6,750,000 Years Remaining: 1

Luke Ridnour
Salary: $6,500,000 Years Remaining: 2

Johan Petro
Salary: $1,939,893 Years Remaining: 1

To Oklahoma City ________:

Zach Randolph
Salary: $14,666,667 Years Remaining: 3

I think both teams will profit. OKC wants to get rid of Wilcox and only needs Watson or Rindour, not both. Sene just makes the salary cap work and is a decent addition. OKC gets a solid PF with D.J. White as a back up.

OKC Line up:

Collison/Swift/Petro [In a few years Serge Ibaka will come into this line-up and improve its already great athleticism]

doubt OKC wants Z-Bo... they are a young team and should continue to be one... building for the future and Z-Bo is NOT someone u want in a rebuilding team... besides... his contract sucks...
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