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Default Re: Lebron to go overseas?

Originally Posted by simasu01
Basketball isn't number one in USA either. So, if he wanted to be the best player in the most popular sport, then all he could do is move to Lithuania or Latvia. In no other country basketball is number one. And even if the Lithuanian and Latvian leagues combined their money, they couldn't afford LeBron. But basketball is almost even with football in Greece and former Yugoslavia. It is a 1 in a million chance, I think it's pretty safe to say all he's doing is rising his price for his next contract, likely with the Cavaliers, possibly with the Nets or some other big city team.

You're right basketball in the US is not the most popular sport either. However, the publicity NBA stars get is huge compared to what Euroleague top players get in Europe. And no in Greece (unfortunately) basketball is not even close to football, I am Greek and I can tell you that for sure. I don't get it but that's the way it is. Latvia is indeed the only country where I know for sure that this is the case.

I do think that he is trying to rise his contract and he will but it is my personal opinion and I don't want to impose it to anyone that he or any NBA player of that callibre will ever come to Europe at the peak of their career (I'm talking in the mid-run, not in 50 years or anything). The balance sheets of the european teams cannot support a $50m per year contract. Fact. Even Chelsea does not have a player with such a contract (not even close actually!).
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